Gillian and Chris – Dirk the Norseman

Small, intimate weddings are some of my favorites.

Just your closest friends and family, a short, sweet ceremony, and eliminate the stress of planning a big affair.

This simple fall wedding looked perfect in Dirck the Norseman, a Gastropub on the border of Greenpoint and North Williamsburg.

Gillian just told me to make it seasonal and to look good in the space. We created an arch out of bittersweet and went crazy with hot peppers, sweet gum and branches.

These pictures make me want a cup of mulled cider, or better yet, mulled wine.

Venue: Dirck the Norseman

Photographer: Valerie Caviness

Tall Fall Arrangement
Simple Wildflowers
Bittersweet Garland
Fall Grouping
Fall Bouquet